Whilst most of the tables are transcripts of the official documents, during my research I have been able to obtain ones that were either proposals that did not eventuate or ones issued directly by the local headquarters. A good example of this is the Long Range Desert Group. When it was first formed it was called the Long Range Patrol Unit and the establishment was issued by H.Q. Middle East and never officially passed by the War Office.
Unit titles ending in Light were the establishment for units involved in the anticipated invasion of Japan. I have been unable to find out if any units were so organized but believe they will be of interest to someone.
The units in special forces title British Infantry Battalion/Brigade Special are the long range penetration units more commonly known as the Chindits.
For those interested in Popski's Private Army the establishments are Demolition Squadron (Special Forces) M.E. November 1942 and No 1 Demolition Squadron N.A. December 1943
Levant Fishing Patrol may seem an odd unit to have here but it was the unit that ferried special forces about the Aegean.